Argyll and the Isles Apps – changing the way we do tourism, forever

It’s a bold claim, but Argyll and the Isles Apps is confident that this year Argyll and the Isles will lead the rest of the country when it comes to mobile tourism with the launch of a new video website. This is the latest development in the organisation’s aim to deliver the most powerful toolkit possible to promote your business.

Developed by Marine Blast Multimedia, the company behind Argyll and the Isles Apps, the Marine Blast Videos website is aimed at the marine and tourism sectors. And this is no new development. Since its launch almost two years ago, Marine Blast Multimedia has grown its Marine Blast Directory Apps into the largest marine directory in the UK. With views of its videos on its dedicated YouTube channel standing at almost 730,000, producing videos for other businesses seems a natural progression.

This low cost solution is great news for local businesses who want to attract potential customers as it immediately engages them. And if a picture paints a thousand words imagine what a video can do! Whether you have a bed and breakfast on the coast which catches amazing sunsets or you have a restaurant offering the best from Argyll’s rich larder you want your customers to see it – now! It can make all the difference to people staying on your website or moving on to your competitors. And, because you’re not constrained by word or character count, you can share your video on all your favourite social media sites.

Marine Blast Multimedia founders Iain and Catriona Hurrel firmly believe the videos are valuable tourism tools saying, “We have been involved in the tourism industry for many years and have seen a lot of changes. The internet dramatically changed the face of tourism, almost overnight people were able to make holiday bookings at the click of a mouse. But people want more now and with videos you can see on your PC and your mobile we are taking your business to your customer. We don’t just want to talk about tourism, we want to make positive changes that benefit the tourism businesses in our area. These developments are the latest in our continued commitment to reach our goal of making Argyll and the Isles the most digitally accessible area in Scotland.”

To find out more about Marine Blast Videos, or to find out how you can book yours, contact them via the website at

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