About us

Argyll and the Isles App is part of Marine Blast Multimedia who are responsible for the largest and most comprehensive Marine Directories covering the UK.  We specialise in mobile resources for the tourism and marine industries.

Launched three years ago, the Argyll and the Isles App, has followed a digital media strategy to build up following on websites through twitter, facebook and other social media channels.  We are now the largest tourism marketing resource in Argyll and the Isles.  It is our aim to make Argyll and the Isles the most easily accessible area in the digital world.

We know that we have a unique product which is feature rich with social media and marketing tools.  And in the dynamic and rapidly changing digital market we are well placed to use this to the advantage of Argyll and the Isles and the businesses operating here.

Some companies have said to me “Social Media and the Internet is not for us” and I have to agree. It is for your future customers and business. With information now being found via mobile smart phones and tablets in the same way as we used to do with computers. If you’re not there someone else will be, it is a rapidly changing world right now and we all need to adapt.”

We have managed to keep the App’s as a free download to the user, and whilst right now it is also free for businesses to get listed we will have a range of costs that cover only what the listed business wish to use in terms of features. We call it “menu marketing and pricing” pay for what you want to try out or use. Learn to walk before you run, build as you build your Facebook and Twitter followers and work with what works best for you. If you are not sure what “social media” is about just Google it “social media marketing”, “tourism social media” and make up your own mind or watch the short video below to learn more.

Catriona Craig


follow us on twitter @Argyll_IslesApp or

like us on facebook www.facebook.com/ArgyllandtheIslesApps?fref=ts

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